Self-training technique of the day


I have declared a few times in this blog — I love junk food.  I’m an addict of sorts.  I may as well be open about that.

How do I avoid junk food during the day?  Apparently I do a very poor job of keeping my office stocked in it.  When I bring something indulgent to work, I only bring enough for one day, because I have learned that if it is there, I will keep eating it until I consume it all, no matter how much or how little there is (so why bring a stockpile of bulk candy when I would eat the whole thing in one sitting?).

Then at other times, no matter how badly I might want it, I am too busy to go find some once the day has kicked off.  And the world does not end.  In fact, later on when I am checking the scale or the mirror, I am very grateful I don’t have my office filled with junk food.

But at the moment, I am quite unhappy about it.  It is what it is though: nothing bad in here for me to eat so I won’t eat anything bad.  I may be cursing myself now, but I’ll be thanking myself later.

Points to ponder!