Anything worth doing


“Anything worth doing is worth doing right”
– Hunter S. Thompson


Launching a new solo primary care practice is many things.  It is exciting, daunting, anxiety-provoking, overwhelming, fascinating.  Launching a new Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice is a bit more than that… it is, in my opinion, worthwhile.  I believe that this particular undertaking at this particular moment in history holds value beyond my own personal gratification or sense of accomplishment.  If it is done well, the hope is that it will both make a statement and help propagate a necessary sea change in American health care delivery.

Meanwhile, I also have a feeling that if it is not done well, a second chance would not work out nearly as well as the first.  I have therefore made the decision to approach this very methodically and attentively to make sure it is done right.  Another way to say this is, “Haste makes waste,” and I dare not waste the effort going into this project by revving up before the machine is finely tuned and well-oiled, lest the whole thing go up in flames.

I am unspeakably appreciative that there are patients familiar with my care expressing determination to follow me to my new endeavor.  To these patients who also happen to be readers of this blog, this is my message:  Thank you, but please do not make any definitive decisions yet.

Because above and beyond doing this DPC thing right, I have a few other responsibilities that warrant doing right:

  1. I am still practicing in my employed position. Until I have left, I am still affiliated with and represent the organization that employs me.  Caring for patients in this setting is still worth doing well, and somewhat all-consuming for the moment.  As a result, information for my new practice is simply not available yet, and enrolling is not yet an option because any structure for this does not even yet exist. The transition will come soon, but it isn’t appropriate to jump the gun on that, and I need to own that limitation until it no longer exists.
  2. I am a mother/wife/homeowner. I have actually been leaving a host of tasks in my personal life completely neglected just trying to focus on making a clean exit from my current position and laying a foundation for what is about to be built.  I have a lot of catching up to do just to be responsible at home, and this is a priority to me.

More information will be ready in a few weeks, it will be posted here, and if you are a follower of the blog you will not miss it.  If you have questions about my next step, my advice at this point is to check back on this site every week or so.  I anticipate opening for business around September 2017.  If things fall into place and I find the practice well-poised to open earlier than that, it would be spectacular, but I can provide no guarantees.  Patience is a virtue, and I am determined to build and maintain a virtuous practice.  Bear with me, and please understand that it is my goal to make it worth the wait.  Thanks, and see you soon.