No more excuses: we can ALL eat healthy


These links are going to become required reading/viewing for all of my patients!  Yes, we can ALL afford to eat healthy.  Actually, none of us can afford to NOT eat healthy:

Download an e-book filled with instructions and recipes to help you eat well on a budget

Learn more about the author of this book and her project


I will be heard (and read) saying this again and again:

  • Step 1 to better health is EDUCATION, not medication.
  • Step 2 is Practice.
  • Step 3 is Persistence.

Put your health first, and many more good things will come your way!



In other news, Thrive Adult Primary Care will be opening later this month!  Construction is almost complete at 835 W Central Street, Suite 4, Franklin, MA 02038, and we’ll announce our grand opening date by next week!

We can’t wait to help patients experience the difference:


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More updates soon.  Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!