Time to Thrive


The time has come… we are opening the doors to Thrive Adult Primary Care at 9:00am on Tuesday 9/26/17!

After that, we will be open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm.  [Please notewe are not yet open on Monday 9/25/17.]

We would love for you to stop by just to look around, say hello, and see an actual physician sitting right behind the front desk!  I won’t be in that spot all day every day of course, but early on it is very easy to meet the doctor that practices in this office to help decide for yourself whether you want this person managing your health care — a right every patient should have, as opposed to picking blindly from a list provided through an insurance carrier.  We also have some brochures/literature to help explain how Direct Primary Care works… but more importantly we are happy to answer questions about how it can work for you.

For the first two weeks we are open, you can also schedule a 15-minute information session between the hours of 12pm-1pm, one-on-one with me — free of charge and no obligation.  Feel free to call us at 774-318-4205, email info@thriveapc.com, or use our contact page to book a slot.

It doesn’t hurt that just a few doors down we have GREAT sushi and hibachi, and also chocolate (hey, we all have vices, the key is learning to keep them in balance! [;-D).

Looking forward to meeting you…  Or if you are an old friend, we are looking forward to catching up!