Filling up on health


While I prepare to add some original content about what it means to “catch cold” and how to avoid and manage it, I’m resorting to “re-blogging” again (but hey, it’s been a while!).

There’s a pretty good chance we didn’t go healthy for the big meal last Thursday and not planning to be healthy for Christmas either… and there’s really no good reason to do that!  No matter how healthy you are or need to be, Thanksgiving and Christmas are The Two Days per year that it should be perfectly okay to indulge.  But in the meantime, while we calorie load for “winter hibernation” you can feel full without harming your physiology.  Check out the link below to learn more!


Also, we are thrilled at Thrive Adult Primary Care to announce our

Grand Opening on November 30, 2017

with our First Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (3:30pm)!

Click here to learn more.