Time to Talk Lyme

Well, it has been a fascinating and enjoyable ride to enter the world of startup small business and I have learned a ton about things [...]

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A Mindful Reset

It is my humble opinion that meditation should become, is becoming, or perhaps has already become the next public health wave.  Depression and anxiety have worldwide impact to [...]

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Brief update and Thank You

Just a word to followers of the blog and website: The website (www.thriveapc.com) is temporarily disabled in order to work on an upgrade.  Don’t be discouraged, [...]

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On Thriving – Part 2

  Enter Direct Primary Care (DPC). I discovered DPC almost by accident, while desperately considering my next step after deciding to resign from my current [...]

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On Thriving – Part 1

Nearly three years ago I started this blog as a journey I intended to take with my patients, plunging into the most passionate role for [...]

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For more information

Phone lines are officially open Monday – Friday from 9:30am – 4:30pm!  And also a reminder that information can be requested by email. Thrive Adult [...]

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Here we come!

As promised, Thrive Adult Primary Care, PC is opening for communication! To contact us for information or to inquire about pre-enrollment, please email: thriveapc@gmail.com Also [...]

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Anything worth doing

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right” – Hunter S. Thompson   Launching a new solo primary care practice is many things.  It is exciting, [...]

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