19th Jun 2016

In this together


I have counted: There are no less than four posts since my last publication to this blog that I haven’t been able to devote the [...]

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3rd Jan 2016

In Defense of Food


Brilliant and beautiful.  The 2 hours spent watching this documentary could add ten years to your life, and quality years at that.  This may become [...]

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17th Dec 2015

The skinny on flu shots


Yes, in the medical field we recommend annual flu shots for everyone. We do this for a phenomenon called herd immunity, meaning that we aim [...]

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11th Oct 2015

In Loving Memory


Abraham Abastillas November 18, 1973 – September 28, 2015 He was a victim of suicide… what I call untreated end-stage major depression.  He kept the [...]

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7th Sep 2015

Practical suggestions


Need a smoke, or feel like doing something you know you shouldn’t do?  Try a few of these “alternate activities”.  Or be creative and come [...]

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29th Aug 2015

Take back control


Depression.  Anxiety.  Diabetes.  Hypertension.  What do these things have in common? 1. All are legitimate clinical conditions which, left unchecked, have the potential to result [...]

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