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Services & Pricing

Think of us as the corner mechanic of health care: small, personal, flexible, and willing to do what it takes to meet your needs without all the red tape.

Membership includes:

  • Extended, detailed, personalized routine physicals visits up to 90 minutes – no more “rushed” care

  • COPAY-FREE visits up to 4 times a month

  • Virtual visits available with no co-pays at all – video chats make it easier to be “seen” even when it is challenging to travel to the office

  • “Care where you are” – home, work, and hospital visits when needed and appropriate [*distance fees may apply; inquire for more info*]

  • Around-the-clock coverage from the same primary care provider you come to know and trust

  • Evidence-based lifestyle guidance with the goal of reducing the need for medications, eliminating these where possible

  • Personalized attention – advice is customized to your needs in accordance with cutting-edge research

We do also offer one-time visits to non-members.  Try us out and experience the difference!

Single/One-time Fees

Initial Membership Enrollment Fee

Comprehensive medical evaluation up to 90 minutes long, establishing doctor-patient relationship for ongoing
membership, and addressing as many health needs and questions as possible.

Single Sick Visit (non-member)

By appointment only. Includes infections, rashes, musculoskeletal injury, and more. (Due to occasional home/hospital
visits for members, we cannot accommodate walk-ins, but same- or next-day visits can generally be arranged.

Complete Physical (non-member)

Comprehensive initial visit without membership commitment. Best suited for work or school physical.
(No refillable prescriptions provided. Not equivalent to a DOT physical.)


Membership Rates

Age 18-25


Age 26-39


Age 40-69


Age 70+


Homebound (any age)


Couples age 40+


We offer discounts to:

  • Students

  • Military – active duty and veterans

  • First Responders

If any of these discounts apply to you, make sure to ask about it at the time of enrollment!  If multiple discounts apply, we do not combine offers but will apply the discount that offers you the best savings opportunity.

We also offer a $10 rebate for obtaining/providing your own medical records.

Contact us to schedule a visit or inquire about enrollment


Ready to sign up?

Get started with our NEW online enrollment application!

NOTES: 1. Fill the form out to the best of your ability.  If an item does not apply or if you are not sure of the answer, just leave it blank.  Your history will be reviewed in detail with the doctor at the time of your initial visit. 2. Credit/debit card information is required to complete this online application to demonstrate that you are a real person, but NO CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED until you complete your first visit.

Great news!  Thrive APC’s enrollment application is accessed by linking into an independent site that is completely encrypted and secure.

The security of your personal information is important to us.  If you have any concerns about providing your personal info through this online platform, give us a call and we’ll get you started, or we’ll schedule you a visit where everything can be done the old-fashioned way… in person.

Welcome to Revolutionized Primary Care, where your preferences matter, and we make it work by following rules of common sense.

Attentive.  Personal.  Complete.

Revolutionizing health care one patient at a time.