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Embedded in our mission to Revolutionize Healthcare One Patient at a Time, we are launching a brand-new educational support group called ThriveKNX© (pronounced “Thrive Connects”).

Targeting individuals aged 18 and up who struggle with any form of chronic disease or pain, ThriveKNX© is a project that aims to reduce associated depression and anxiety through the tools of community, personal exploration, and time.  Devised and delivered by Mary A. Medeiros, MD, MPH who is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, and spring-boarding off a successful and inspiring 12-week pilot, ThriveKNX© builds a format where participants can authentically face and release their own fears, then discover their most effective therapists in each other.

Participation in ThriveKNX© is always FREE to member patients of Thrive Adult Primary Care.  For non-members, the cost is a mere $10 per meeting.

Please contact our office for more information.

ThriveKNX flyer